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Get answers to car and truck service FAQs from AutoStar CDJR of Hendersonville

Autostar Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Hendersonville has a highly-rated service department to cater to all your car or truck maintenance needs. We have a team of dedicated technicians ready to fully inspect your vehicle. We'll take an in-depth look and can service your vehicle back to working order.

Whether you need an oil change, brake pad replacement, coolant change, or any other service need, we have you covered. Schedule a Service today and in the meantime, learn more about why it's so crucial to follow proper service check ups. Learn more about common auto services below.    

How Often Should I Get an Oil Change?

Old motor oil breaks down after a few thousand miles and can no longer properly protect your engine. Motor oil is paramount to maintain a healthy operating vehicle. Motor oil lubricates your engine while filtering out byproducts from internal engine pistons and cylinders. Motor oil also helps remove dirt and dust from your engine's air-intake system.

Just like an air filter, motor oil eventually gets filthy from constantly having to remove contaminates from your engine. It will start to oxidize and thicken and becomes ineffective. How often you need to change your oil depends on what grade oil you use, driving conditions, and type of car.

Technicians will typically post a sticker on your windshield telling you when to change your oil. However, a good rule of thumb is to change your oil at least every 4,000 miles.  

What Is the Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil?

Conventional oil is developed directly from crude oil. Although it provides lubrication for your engine, synthetic oil lasts longer and provides better performance. Synthetic oil is modified from conventional oil, but is modified to perform better than traditional conventional oil.

Synthetic oil is a better lubrication for your engine at higher temperatures, so it lasts longer than conventional oil. It is engineered to maintain an optimum viscosity at higher temperatures, so your car performs better. Synthetic oil protects your engine from breakdowns while emitting fewer deposits on pistons, cylinders, and gears.  

How Often Should I Get a Tire Rotation?

Tire rotations ensure that each tire gets even wear and tear, so they will last longer and perform better. We recommend you get a tire rotation every 6,000 miles. While we  perform a tire rotation, we'll also check your tire pressure for adequate PSI.  

How Often Should I Schedule a Service?

Every 3,000 miles, you should stop by for a tune up at AutoStar CDJR of Hendersonville. If you are not auto savvy, you will need help changing your oil and monitoring your tire pressure. Take your car into our shop at this interval for several services, including an oil and filter change, air filter inspection, and tire pressure check.

Regular check-ups ensure that any potential malfunction will be resolved before it causes any trouble. We'll check many components of your vehicle, including:
  • Fuel filters
  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Spark plugs
  • Brake pads
  • Timing belts
  • PCV valves
Since every vehicle is different, it's important to let the professionals - like those at AutoStar CDJR of Hendersonville - take a regular look into all working components.   

Automotive Service in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Time for a tune up? Schedule a service today at AutoStar CDJR of Hendersonville. Call us at (888) 810-1729 to speak with a service representative. See you soon and safe travels!


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