Winter Safety Driving Tips for Hendersonville, Asheville and Beyond

Out of all the seasons during the year, drivers are faced with the most challenges during winter. Although drivers in the Southeast don't have to deal with ice and snowstorms like many northern states, North Carolina and other states in the South are not accustomed to driving on icy roads or during winter precipitation.

Make sure when you get in your car this winter, you have the knowledge and tools handy for safe journeys. Keeping up with your car is especially crucial in winter. If you need new tires, brake pads, or fresh oil, service your vehicle at our professional auto shop. Schedule an appointment with one of our certified professionals to bring your car back to its optimum care.

Drive with care and safety and follow these top winter safety tips for drivers from the experts at AutoStar CDJR of Hendersonville.  

Purchase an Ice Scraper

If you are an early morning commuter in the Southeast, the frigid temperatures can cause an icy shield to develop over your windshield. Many people impatiently start driving their car before their windshield is properly defrosted, restricting visibility and causing a dangerous situation.

Have an ice scraper handy. In the morning, it will help you quickly and safely scrap off all the ice on your windows, so you can drive safer with better visibility.  

Drive Slower and Gradually Accelerate and Decelerate

If you are driving through some icy or snowy conditions, it's crucial to reduce your driving speed. Other drivers are dealing with the same conditions, so you must be prepared for any potential sudden stop or turn. Allow yourself extra feet between you and the car ahead of you, so you can safely brake if needed.

In icy conditions, tires do not grip to the road as well as in dry conditions, so you must accommodate for tougher braking and turning. When you accelerate or decelerate your vehicle, make sure to perform smooth and slow actions. This will help you safely operate your vehicle for turns and your overall driving.  

Properly Inflate Your Tires

The switch from late autumn to early winter means your tires will naturally lose PSI. It's crucial to check your tire pressure when winter comes, so you have better control over your vehicle. Properly inflated tires help with your turning control. Check your driver's manual for the correct PSI level for your vehicle and inflate your tires to an adequate level.  

Avoid Cruise Control

Even on long trips on the highway, avoid using cruise control. Although it's a handy feature on most modern cars, you may want to skip it during the winter. Drivers must be vigilant and ready for sudden braking or turning.  

Schedule a Winter Service at AutoStar CDJR of Hendersonville

Take care of all your winter service needs at our professional auto shop. We have the most skilled technicians who can check every component of your vehicle for peak performance. Schedule a service appointment online or call (888) 810-1729 for a winter check up. Stay safe on the road this winter with help from AutoStar Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Hendersonville.


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